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Golf Course Water Coolers Buying Guide

Golf Course Water Coolers JFM Golf Products

Why the Need for Water Coolers on the Course?

Everyone knows how important it is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, especially when playing golf outside in the sun and heat. Providing easy access to clean drinking water enhances your guests’ experience. Our recycled plastic golf course water coolers are made from the highest-grade, 100% USA-made materials. They are perfect for keeping your players refreshed and hydrated. We offer a range of styles to suit all budgets and requirements. Whether you need a simple stand with an Igloo cooler or a large water cooler station with trash containers, convenient cup, lid, straw and napkin dispensers, we have you covered.

Igloo Coolers

Igloo coolers have been a trusted brand for many years, and we proudly incorporate them into our water cooler selection. They are excellent at keeping water cold due to their superior insulation and durable construction, ensuring beverages stay refreshingly cool for extended periods. Available in a 10-gallon size, these coolers provide ample capacity for hydration needs on the course.

Where to House Your Water Cooler

Water cooler enclosures are excellent for housing your Igloo water coolers as they provide robust protection and superior insulation, ensuring water stays cold and refreshing throughout the day. You can choose between a classic or deluxe model enclosure for maximum protection or a round or square style, available also on a post or tripod for easier access and mobility.

These enclosures offer a clean and organized presentation, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your golf course. Additionally, their durable construction from recycled plastic materials ensures longevity and minimal maintenance, making them a practical and eco-friendly choice. They are customizable to fit your specific needs and offer a versatile solution for keeping your guests hydrated in style.

Buying Water Cooler Stations – Factors to Consider

  • Portability and Ease of Use: Water coolers can become very heavy when filled. Hence, portability is crucial for managing events and daily operations on a golf course. Our portable and lightweight options like our GW1200 model can be folded and moved around easily. Or our GW1303 and GW1305 have portable bases.
  • Capacity: Our deluxe double water cooler enclosures such as our GW1111, our GW1152, and our GW1102 let you house two Igloo water coolers at a time, reducing the labor required for restocking, especially on busy days or during tournaments.
  • All-in-One Solutions: Larger models like the GW4050 come with double trash containers, a water cooler, an ice chest, and convenient cup, lid, straw, and napkin dispensers, making them perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Trash Management: Some of our deluxe models come with waste bin space to help maintain cleanliness.

Best Water Cooler Enclosures for Busy Golf Courses

Our double water coolers are ideal for busy courses, providing ample and unique hydration stations. Models such as the GW1152, GW1111, GW1102, GW4000, GW4025, GW4075, and GW4050 are designed to handle high volumes efficiently.

Check out all our Water Cooler Station options

Types of Golf Course Water Cooler Stations

Round Water Cooler Enclosures

Our round water cooler enclosures come in various designs to fit different needs:

  • On Posts: These are ideal for fixed locations and offer stability.
  • Post & Base: Combining a post with a base adds extra support and aesthetic appeal.
  • On Tripods: Tripod stands provide portability and ease of placement.

Square Water Cooler Enclosures

Square enclosures offer a different aesthetic and are available in several configurations:

  • On Post: Similar to the round versions but with a different shape, offering a more modern look.
  • Enclosure Only: Perfect for areas where space is limited but functionality is needed.

Classic & Deluxe Models

Our classic and deluxe models are designed to hold Igloo water coolers. They come with various features, such as:

  • Single Water Cooler Enclosure: Simple yet effective, perfect for smaller areas.
  • Double Water Cooler Enclosure: These can hold two Igloo coolers, making them ideal for busier courses.

Additional Features

Many of our enclosures include built-in trash containers and cup dispensers, ensuring that your course remains clean and your guests have everything they need.

Golf Course Water Coolers Accessories

To enhance the functionality of your water coolers, we offer a range of accessories:

  • Cup Dispenser & Mounting Brackets: Easy access to cups is crucial for maintaining hygiene and convenience.
  • Igloo Cooler Spigot: Replacement spigots ensure your coolers remain in perfect working condition.
  • Cone Cups: A convenient option for quick hydration stops.

Ice Chests and Beverage Stations

In addition to water coolers, we offer ice chests and comprehensive beverage stations that include:

  • Integrated Trash Containers: Maintaining cleanliness is crucial, and our stations are designed with built-in trash containers.
  • Cup, Straw & Napkin Dispensers: Convenience for your guests, ensuring they have everything they need in one place.
  • Room for Ice Makers: Some models come with space for an ice maker, providing a constant supply of ice.

View all our ice chest and beverage station options

Replacement Parts and Maintenance

Longevity and ease of maintenance are key considerations for our products. We offer replacement parts for damaged or worn-out coolers, including cup, straw, and napkin dispensers. Our recycled plastic products are low maintenance and easy to clean with soap and water or a light vinegar solution for tough spots. Recycled plastic never needs sanding or repainting, and it is fade-resistant and insect-resistant.

Our Golf Course Water Coolers: Quality You Can Trust

With over 25 years in business and a commitment to quality, we are here to help you create the perfect beverage station for your golf course. Our recycled plastic water cooler stations are durable, food-grade safe, and proven to keep your water cool and fresh. They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of desert-type golf courses. We don’t just match the quality of major brands; we exceed it by offering custom designs tailored to your specific needs.


If you can dream it, we can build it! Our full design department tailors to your exact needs and specifications. With over 25 years in business and more than 35 years in the industry, our knowledgeable staff can make your vision come true. Our golf course water cooler stations come in various colors, which you can customize with your engraved logo, providing a unique and professional look for your property.


Investing in high-quality water coolers and water cooler stations is essential for maintaining a top-notch golf course. Our range of recycled plastic water coolers and stations offers durability, customization, and efficiency, ensuring your guests stay hydrated and happy.

Check out our range of water coolers and enclosures. If you have specific requirements or need a custom design, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in making your vision a reality. Choose our golf course water coolers for a sustainable, reliable, and stylish solution for your golfers’ unique hydration needs.


Are Igloo Coolers good at keeping water cold?

Yes, Igloo coolers are excellent at keeping water cold due to their superior insulation and durable construction, ensuring beverages stay refreshingly cool for extended periods.

What is a water cooler station?

A water station provides easy access to clean drinking water for guests, helping them stay hydrated. It includes water cooler dispenser, and sometimes additional features like cup, lid, straw, and napkin dispensers, and trash containers for convenience.

What water cooler station do I need?

It depends on the traffic your course handles and how often you prefer to refill. Double cooler capacity enclosures can reduce the labor required for refilling, especially on busy days or during tournaments.

How do I clean my recycled plastic water coolers and enclosures?

Our products are low maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water or a light vinegar solution for tough spots. Recycled plastic is fade-resistant, insect-resistant, and requires no sanding or repainting.

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